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About Karen

Early Years

From 1995 to 1997, Karen studied at the Northern Ballet School, Manchester. While there, Karen had the honour of receiving a scholarship thanks largely to her determination and hard work.

During her time at the Northern Ballet School, Karen studied many different aspects of performance including Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, National, Singing and Drama. She completed her time at the school by achieving Associates in Ballet and National.

In 1999, after teaching for two years, Karen decided to expand her knowledge and attended “The College” in Flint Cross. During her stay, she completed her Associates in Modern and Tap.


Karen has been teaching in dance schools for more than a decade. This has included entering students in for dance exams and preparing them for auditions.

She taught in Secondary Schools for many years. As Head of Dance, she concentrated on showing how dance can make a huge difference to children’s confidence.

Karen has had many years of experience in entering students into festivals and organising shows, as well as choreographing several musical theatre shows.